Francis the great gorilla

Great Gorillas Project with Paignton Zoo

South Devon will be sharing its streets and parks with 30 life-sized gorillas this summer as part of Paignton Zoo’s Great Gorillas Project, and YonYonson are pleased to be involved. The Great Gorillas Project will raise money and awareness to … Continue reading


A Postcard from Manchester

Do It, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester International Festival A vulture flies overhead. The floor is sticky with lemon juice. That’s because people are squeezing lemons on a bike seat – obviously. An aroma of spices fills the room and a … Continue reading

Splish Splash Salsa Plymouth Hoe Dancing

Joining the Dots: Culture in Plymouth

Plymouthians are generally recognised for their friendly, relaxed and understated manner, its one of the things that makes Plymouth such a great place to live and work. Don’t confuse this with complacency though, things are happening here. Plenty of people … Continue reading

PlymouthCity of Culture-Fish Hearted Bride

Plymouth: City of Culture?

Could Plymouth be the UK’s City of Culture in 2017? It’s wide open for the taking, and a feeling is stirring that Plymouth is on the cusp of great change. The bid is no small under taking. If we are … Continue reading

Spring Buds, Good Beginnings. YonYonson

Good Beginnings

So you’ve decided you need a professional online presence and chosen a web designer to build a site for you. You may be wondering what the web design process will be, what to expect from the designer, and what they … Continue reading

Jigsaw Illustration

Do I Need a Website?

Every business should have some sort of web presence. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dive straight in there and blow your entire marketing budget on a new website, especially when you’re just starting up. Creating an … Continue reading


Hello from YonYonson

Welcome to YonYonson’s first post! This blog will be a client’s guide to web design. There are plenty of blogs out there for web designers, but not so many written especially to help clients through the web design process. Why … Continue reading